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Online convenience. Price. Quality. That’s the way we do business at IMP-Media promotional products. Unlimited color. Most of our products are printed in full-color on industrial printing presses.

3D printing is one of the hottest things of this decade. Take a series of components that have been around for ages, send them data, melt a little bit of plastic, and BOOM you have a car. Well, maybe not a car, but you can have a wrench, or a gear, or an action figure, or – get this – components for another 3D printer and check out our promotional printing products. Yes, you can print parts to build another 3D printer. This is the whole concept behind promotional products in Charlotte NC. So, you definitely can’t print a car from your home printer just yet, but you can still print some pretty crazy and sometimes scary stuff, (like a poorly working gun).

I’ve been extremely interested in the whole aspect of 3D printing for promotional products in Charlotte NC about a year or two now. Due to the recent affordability and quality of some of these printers, I’ve decided that now is the time to purchase a printer. Yes, I am most certainly still an “early adopter” but I’m willing to take the plunge -for science! Or something…

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All printers do not print equally! These things aren’t really easy to use and take a ton of tweaking but the resolution gets better and better as you learn how to tweak your specific printer. Currently, the average printer can print efficiently (speed vs quality) at around the 100-micron level. Printing at higher resolutions (“higher resolution” means more fine detail) is entirely possible but we begin to see diminishing returns here – prints take significantly longer, the printer needs to be more finely tuned, and there’s a lot more margin for error. We’re talking micros here. A micron. That’s tiny. That’s a millionth of a meter. That’s 0.000039 inches. The level of precision required to print accurately at this level is incredible. And it’s not like this is new technology or something. Well, it is, but like I said earlier, the components have been around for a while. We are now just beginning o understand what makes a well-engineered component for 3D printing, and they’re more affordable now than ever.

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3d Charlotte NC Promotional Products

That said, I’ve decided to create a challenge for myself this year. My challenge is to purchase components (kit) and build a 3D printer, learn the ways of 3D printing, and eventually be able to contract my printer out for small jobs locally or on the web in order to fully finance the cost of the printer itself in promotional products in Charlotte NC.

The time frame for my goal is currently 6 months. Why 6 months you ask? Well, I’ve financed this with PayPal Credit with 0% interest for 6 months – ha! So I’d like to try to pay this off without reaching into my own pocket. I do have a day job, so It’s not like I’ll be grinding away 24/7, but I can have the printer running overnight or while I’m in the office, away from home (where the printer will live).

My next post will go into specifics about the printer and my thought process on how to contract this thing out – if I make it that far 😀

Thanks for sticking along for the ride. You’ll be hearing from me soon!

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